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wi6906系列 安全防護功能鏡2020-07-30





wi6906系列 安全防護功能鏡


適用於任何有可能危及您雙眼的場所和時機 :

醫療院所 / 建築工地 / 機場地勤 / 實驗室 / 騎車防風沙

/運動休閒 / 射擊遊戲 / 道路施工 / 噴灑農藥 / 烈日強光

The wi6906 series multifunctional safety goggles

are perfect for any places or circumstances that

are potentially harmful to your eyes :


Clinical Settings / Construction Sites / Aircraft Ground Handling /

Laboratories / Biking / Exercising / Shooting Sports

/ Road Repairing/ Pesticide Spraying / Strong Light



鏡框鏡片一體成型,包覆性佳 ,


Specially designed, these goggles are unisex.

The frame and lenses are formed from one-piece, providing excellent coverage.

Adjustable nose pads also ensure incredible comfort when wearing.

Stylish, safe and trendy is what these goggles can make you.


運動用 / DIY / 防風用 / 180度無障礙視野 / 側邊防護片

/耐刮傷 /防風沙 /高透光性

Can be wore as sports goggles/ DIY crafting protection goggle/ wind goggles

Featuring side shields and anti-scratch lenses with high visible light transmission (VLT),

these goggles offer an unobstructed 180° field of clear vision

while protecting your eyes from strong wind and loose sand.





有度數近視者 可以做有度數眼鏡

Ultra lightweight, these goggles are comfortable

and suitable for long hours of wearing.

They are wholly made of explosion-proof polycarbonate,

making them impact resistant.

The reinforced, treated lenses are not only anti-scratch and anti-static,

but also anti-ultraviolet light with UV400 protection.

The goggles can also be customized as prescription glasses.



( Pictures and content are cited from the official website of Wensotti)




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